About JustSail Miami

As Miami’s top sailing school, JustSail Miami is located in the US Olympic Sailing Center where adults and children learn alongside world champions in the sport of sailing. JustSail Miami has a full staff of bilingual English/ Spanish instructors, who are certified by US Sailing and the Canadian Yachting Association.

 Our sailing programs offer an affordable, fun and educational atmosphere where a passion for the sport of sailing is developed.  JustSail Miami aims to instill a love of sailing so that the sport may be enjoyed by sailors for a lifetime.

JustSail Miami's mission is to teach people how to sail, involve them in the sailing community and give them access to sailboats and water activities regardless of race, religion, economic status.

JustSail Miami

2476 S Bayshore Drive

Miami, Florida 33133

1 - 305 - 285 - 3442