JustSail Monthly Membership Program


Welcome to the JustSail Membership Program, a new way to enjoy dinghy sailing where you get all of the benefits of owning a fleet of small sailboats. By joining our JustSail Membership Program, you have reserved access to the entire JustSail Miami fleet of LaserPerformance dinghies at a time of your choosing. Sail as often as you want! When you are done with your day on the water, take the sails down and then hand the boat over to one of our helpful staff and walk away.  We take care of repair, maintenance, storage, and insurance of the boats, leaving you to enjoy sailing. After a paying a two hundred dollar initiation fee, monthly membership fees range from $125 – $200 per month.

 For people looking to buy a boat in the future, joining the JustSail Memebrship Program is a great way to make sure you have selected the correct boat. If you decide to part ways from JustSail Miami, your JustSail membership can be cancelled immediately without penalty. 

  • Daily access to specific JustSail Miami's fleet of LaserPerformance sailboats.

  • 15% discount in Sailing Lessons and Special courses. (E.g. Summer Camp, Private Lessons)

  • Use of the on-site facilities, including showers, changing rooms and free parking.

To learn more about joining the JustSail Membership Program, please email us at info@justsailmiami.com

Membership Options:

Membership Type                                   Age                                           Pricing

Initiation Fee                                     All Memberships                                            $300

Individual                                              Ages 16 +                                              $125 / Month

Family                                             (Parents + Youths)                                      $200 / Month


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